Mindfulness Q&A with Sizzix Designer, Josh!

We love to hear and see inspiration from the Sizzix Designers and with mindfulness being a big focus this year we thought we would create a Designer Q&A series with few questions around mindfulness. Take a look below to see the questions we asked Sizzix Designer Josh on Mindfulness in this Sizzix Designer Q&A…

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Sizzix Designer Josh:

Sizzix Designer Josh

How does crafting create mindfulness for you?

Crafting involves a mild steady level of focus and using your hands. This means no using screens and being continuously available to anyone who requires your time and attention. It’s ‘me’ time. 

For me, crafting creates a sense of balance, the more you do it, the more you begin to get a feel for composition, use of negative space, perfect positioning of elements and balance of color. When you have completed your project you are left with something that represents your idea of perfect (or imperfect in a good way) that you can keep forever or send to a loved one.

What are your top tips for creating mindfulness?

Make time for yourself to craft. Make it an event where you create the perfect atmosphere to relax and focus on your project. For me that means no screens, relaxing music, good light (daylight is best) and no interruptions. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin. 

Do you have any therapeutic crafting techniques to share?

Don’t wait for a reason to craft such as card making for upcoming events. Craft for the sake of crafting and make a day of it. Plan some time where you are able to get creative, try new things and make happy mistakes. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Sizzix Designer Josh in the Sizzix Designer Mindfulness Q&A. We would love to know how you create mindfulness whilst crafting, share them with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory. Shop the latest Sizzix products by clicking this link. Happy Crafting!

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