Chapter 1 Foam Floral

Hello Everyone and welcome to my first blog post of 2021!

As everyone here probably already knows, I love florals and I am so excited to share with you the new Floral Hub on both our and .com website! This is a dedicated space on our websites where we will collate all of our flower themed products and inspiration in one place so that any of you that love florals as much as me can simply go to one place on our website and get your floral fix easily!

With that being said I am, of course, going to show you a floral make today using one of our gorgeous new dies from chapter 1, Icelandic poppy by Olivia Rose. This is a large thinlits die and perfect for creating flat and 3D projects and I am going to show you how to make a 3D flower using the die in a slightly different way than intended to showcase how versatile one floral die can actually be.

You Will Need...

  1. Using your big shot machine, die cut multiple flowers using the Icelandic poppy die and the springtime sculpting foam.

2. Cut all of the sculpting foam flowers into 4, so you have 4 individual petals per flower die cut.

3. Chosing a relevant color, apply the oil pastel to the base of each petal. You don't have to be neat with this however you can use your fingers to blend the oil pastel out if you wish.

4. Using your heat tool, apply heat to each petal for a few seconds and then whilst the sculpting foam is still warm, use your fingers to manipulate and mould the petal to make it look more organic and realistic.

5. Using the yellow and green permanent maker pens, colour the wooden bead, first with yellow and then go over the top with the green, to create the perfect tone for the center of the flower.

6. Adhere the wooden bead to a piece of florist wire using a hot glue gun. Make sure the holes of the bead are at the side so that they will not show once the flower is complete.

7. Using the yellow stamens, fold them in half and adhere them all around the wooden bead, gluing the stamens at the base of the bead using a hot glue gun.

8. Adhere the petals you cut and sculpted earlier to the bead and stamen center using a hot glue gun. Keep working your way round and out until you are happy with the fullness of the flower.

9. Once your petals are all secured, you can now finish your flower off by wrapping florist tape around the base of the flower and down the stem.

One you have made one you could made a whole bunch to make a gorgeous bouquet or you could use them individually as corsages or button holes or even cake decorations! The beauty of using sculpting foam over paper means it has that extra durability and can withstand coming into contact with substances that paper never could and plus they will never die like real flowers so will last a lifetime.

To see more makes like this one and all the floral dies you could dream of, make sure to visit the floral hub on the Sizzix website so you can see everything in one place and get lots of inspiration for your next floral themed project!

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