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Welcome to the 49 and Market hub, where you can meet Sizzix' newest Licensed Designer collaboration, explore their latest designs and discover a world of inspiration from the amazing die cutting and stamp collections designed by Katie Pertiet.
From videos to project inspiration and an exclusive Q&A, there's plenty of creative inspiration to explore from Janene, Katie and the team at 49 and Market.

Sizzix and 49 and Market

With over 15 years in the creative industry, 49 and Market are renowned globally for their exquisitely designed scrapbooking supplies featuring decorative papers, albums and embellishments. The first collection from Sizzix and 49 and Market has been thoughtfully crafted by experienced designer Katie Pertiet and includes stunning stamps and dies that have been perfectly paired, offering a wealth of options for makers no matter your papercrafting preference.
Prior to starting 49 and Market, Janene Meyerowitz, owned an online scrapbooking business, After several years of specializing in kits designed by globally recognized designers, it became increasingly difficult to find the look and types of products she was drawn to. As a result of this, 49 and Market was born. The brand has built its reputation as a premium paper crafting brand through offering high quality products and designs that are fresh yet offer a vintage vibe.
Graphic designer Katie Pertiet has over thirty years of experience and has been designing for 49 and Market since 2016. With a passion in surface design and a love for all things vintage, she blends patterns, colors, textures and antique imagery to create something new and fresh that connects with the modern crafter. She is thrilled to be designing for Sizzix and bringing her unique love of vintage and mixing in a water color approach for fresh design which are sure to become classics.

Q&A with Janene Meyerowitz

How would you describe the 49 and Market aesthetic and how did you develop your style?
As a scrapbook enthusiast and the proprietor of an online scrapbook store, my heart has always gravitated towards vintage aesthetics, favoring them over sleek, modern designs. I found it increasingly challenging to find the specific products and styles that resonated with both my personal taste and the preferences of my online customers. So, in 2016, I started 49 and Market with the goal of producing premium products for next-level crafters and have since closed my existing online store.
When did you discover your passion for crafting?
It's funny, my mother always likes to talk about how my sister was an artist and I was an athlete. Somehow things have changed and crossed paths... I'd say it was in the early 2000's when I discovered scrapbooking. Once I started, I never looked back, and I completely immersed myself into the craft.
What advice would you give beginner crafters who are just starting to discover paper crafts?
Explore!!!! There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different looks to determine what does and doesn't work for you. Papers, mediums, stamps and dies are all meant to be played with and tested. You might surprise yourself with the different results you can get when you change things up. Also check out who is doing what on social media. If you find a maker you like, follow them, check out their tutorials online and see if you can invest in an online or in-person class.
Who/What are your inspirations and how do they inform the product collections you’ve created for Sizzix?
Well, this question of course comes down to Katie Pertiet!!!! Katie has a digital scrapbook business, and I would STALK it. She designed our very first 49 and Market collection, which helped establish the brand’s look and feel. We took a short hiatus as I didn't have the ability to produce the products I envisioned from her artwork. Then back in 2020, we reconnected when I finally figured out a way to bring her designs to life through the paper products I produced. Katie's style and artistry is second to none.
What is your favorite crafting technique?
Distressing! Hands down this is my go-to move in terms of making things look like they are next level. For lighter backgrounds, I ink the edges and for darker backgrounds, I sand and distress the edges.

Project Inspiration for the 49 and Market Collection

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