Mindfulness Q&A with Sizzix Designer, Jess!

We hope you are enjoying the designer mindfulness Q&A series. Here we talk to Sizzix Designer Jess and ask a few questions on how she creates mindfulness. Keep reading below to see the questions we asked Sizzix Designer Jess on Mindfulness in this Sizzix Designer Q&A…

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Sizzix Designer Jess


How does crafting create mindfulness for you?

Crafting for me is a time when I can switch off from the outside world and shut out any problems I may have going on and just focus on creating something beautiful. The sense of fulfilment and achievement I get once I have finished a project and I am pleased is the best kind of therapy.

What are your top tips for creating mindfulness?

I think it is important to never feel overwhelmed or stressed, particularly when trying to be creative so I find that creating a clean, safe space to be creative in is essential. I always like to keep my space tidy and organized to keep my mind clear.

Do you have any therapeutic crafting techniques to share?

I love setting the perfect space to craft in as I think that is so important for a creative mindset. I tend to have something on in the background whilst I craft, whether that is music, a YouTube video, a tv series or a film. It instantly puts me in a better mood and creates a relaxing but interesting atmosphere to work in.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and have learnt more about how Sizzix Designer Jess creates Mindfulness whilst crafting! Tag us in your makes and tips on how to create mindfulness in your crafting using the hashtag #mymaking story! Stay tuned for the rest of the designer series on Mindfulness Q&A. Happy crafting!

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