Discover Decoupage at Sizzix!

Welcome back to the Sizzix blog as we discover the craft of Decoupage!

At Sizzix we have so many crafting avenues, from mixed media to papercrafts! But what about Decoupage? We have all the tools for you to make amazing projects, including the Sizzix Effectz range, wonderful Sizzix Cardstock and much more!

Explore new crafting possibilities with Sizzix!

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage (or Découpage) is a decorative craft where you glue different colored cardstock, metallic flakes and elements to an object - typically household drawers, boxes or plant pots. Decoupage is perfect for upcycling and home décor projects to inject color into your home!

What effect does it create?

The effects are limitless! This technique mainly creates a mixed media effect on your chosen object! The beauty of decoupage is you can go as bright or as patterned as you want to. Whether you want to include some shimmering elements for your Christmas Craft makes or include Nature Die Cuts for a Spring & Easter craft make!

Sizzix Effectz

The Sizzix Effectz range is always so popular! Take a look at the full range of Sizzix Effectz from Craft Adhesives to Metallic Flakes! Experiment with your making now and stock up in time for your new creations!

Example of Decoupage using Sizzix Effectz Adhesive to adhere a box.


Sizzix Cardstock is a must have for your decoupage projects! Take a look at the full range of Sizzix Card Packs, from glitter to muted tones, we have it all - perfect for all makes!

Example of Decoupage using Sizzix Cardstock.

Tools and Accessories

Discover the range of Craft Tools and Accessories we have at Sizzix, vital for Decoupage. Every crafter needs tools and accessories all year round, stock up now!

Sizzix Decoupage using Craft Adhesive.

Thank you for reading the blog, we hope you are inspired to get crafting! Remember to share your makes with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory! We love to see the range of crafting projects you are currently creating!  

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