What materials can I cut with my die?

This all depends on the type of die you are using.
Use this material compatibility to see which dies can cut which materials.

Is a cracking sound normal when I die cut?

Yes this is completely normal and is simply the sound of the die cutting your paper.

My cutting plates are marking and bending when I use them, is this normal?

Cutting plates are consumable items which means eventually they will need replacing. It’s completely normal for your cutting pads to become marked. Check out these videos to help you care for your cutting plates and expand their lifespan!

What is a die-cutting sandwich?

In terms of die cutting, a sandwich is a combination of platforms that are assembled to enable the die to cut through the material. The sandwich type used is dependent on the type of die being used and the material.

What is a shim?

A shim is another term for what is usually a sheet of cardstock used to help add space or a wedge to enable a cleaner die cut.

What is the difference between cutting pads and plates?

There is no difference, cutting pads and cutting plates are the same product.

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