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Ideas - 3-D Boxes & Shapes

Here you will find all of our latest projects for all making abilities and making types. If you are looking for some step-by-step instructions to get your making underway, this is the best place for you.

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    3-D Boxes & Shapes
  1. Card in a Box
    Item: #18193-uk
  2. Broom Gift Box
    Item: #18189-uk
  3. 3-D Sleigh
    Item: #18175-uk
  4. Wrap Favour Box
    Item: #18035-uk
  5. Trinket Boxes
    Item: #17884-uk
  6. Robot Box #1
    Item: #17831-uk
  7. Apple Boxes
    Item: #17674-uk
  8. Favour Bag
    Item: #16424
  9. 3-D Oven
    Item: #15176
  10. Tea Bag Box
    Item: #15153