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Crafting Essentials

From cutting pads to adhesives, find everything you need here for your die-cutting tool box! We have a whole range of Sizzix® Big Shot® accessories, to help you achieve a professional finish on your projects. Our die-cutting tools range hosts several must haves for any craft room, including the iconic Die Pick and Die Brush. Designed with the maker in mind, our Glue Gun Accessories include a non-stick silicone mat that transforms any surface into a glue friendly area, allowing cool glue to be easily removed. Another of our go to products is the Paper Sculpting Kit, designed for adding intricate embellishments and for defining unique 3-D flower petals.

The Sizzix Making Essentials range is home to Embossing Powders, Biodegradable Glitters, Sequins & Beads - staples for any cardmaking craft room. You will also find here the Sizzix Surfacez™ range, home to everything from Opulent Cardstock to Sculpting Foam, you may even want to add a touch of glamour with our metallic Texture Rolls.

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  1. Sizzix Making Tool - Scissors, Small
    Item: #664818
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  2. Sizzix Making Tool - Scissors, Large
    Item: #664819
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  3. Sizzix Accessory - Shrink Plastic Accessories
    Item: #663466
  4. Sizzix Making Essential - Funnel Tray
    Item: #664353
  5. Sizzix Accessory - Die Pick (Black) by Tim Holtz
    Item: #664237
  6. Sizzix Accessory - Mini Tool Set (Black) by Tim Holtz
    Item: #664236
  7. Sizzix Tool - Heat Tool, Dual Speed
    Item: #663386
    Out Of Stock
  8. Sizzix Making Tool - Curved Fine-Tip Tweezers
    Item: #664140
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  9. Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Mat, 16 1/2" x 11 1/2"
    Item: #663384
  10. Sizzix Accessory - Pom-Pom Maker
    Item: #663004
    Out Of Stock
  11. Sizzix Accessory - Multi-Tool Starter Kit
    Item: #662875
  12. Sizzix Making Tool - Paper Sculpting Kit
    Item: #662225
  13. Sizzix Making Tool - Die Pick (White)
    Item: #656380