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Crafting Essentials - Decorative Elements - Flowers, Plants & Trees

From Sizzix Cutting Pads to Envelopes, Shrink Plastic, Packs of Card & Adhesives - find everything you need for your die-cutting tool box at Sizzix! We have a whole range of Sizzix® Big Shot® accessories, to help you achieve a professional finish on your craft projects.

The Sizzix Die Cutting Tools Range, hosts several must haves for any craft room, including the iconic Sizzix Die Pick and Die Brush. Designed with the maker in mind, our Sizzix Glue Gun Accessories include a non-stick silicone mat that transforms any surface into a glue friendly area, allowing cool glue to be easily removed. Another of our go to products is the Sizzix Paper Sculpting Kit, designed for adding intricate embellishments and for defining unique 3-D flower petals.

The Sizzix Making Essentials range is home to Embossing Powders, Biodegradable Glitters, Sequins & Beads - staples for any cardmaking craft room. You will also find here the Sizzix Surfacez™ range, home to everything from Opulent Cardstock to Sculpting Foam, you may even want to add a touch of glamour with our Sizzix Metallic Texture Rolls.


Essential for your Craft Toolbox, at Sizzix® we have all of the essential Craft Glues & Adhesives you could need for your next make! Including Sizzix Express Glue, Adhesive Sheets, Makers Tape, Foam Tape & the Sizzix Craft Glue Gun - all are great adhesives for constructing craft projects.
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  1. Sizzix Clear Stamps Set 24PK - Good Vibes #3
    Item: #665909
    £8.99 £6.29
  2. Sizzix Clear Stamps Set 7PK - Dictionary Definitions
    Item: #665910
    £8.99 £6.29
  3. Sizzix Clear Stamps Set 12PK - Good Vibes #4
    Item: #665911
    £8.99 £6.29
  4. Sizzix Clear Stamps Set 6PK - Positive Signs
    Item: #665832
    £7.00 £4.20
  5. Stamps
    Item: #665828
    £7.00 £4.20
  6. Sizzix Clear Stamps Set 35PK - Journal Stamps
    Item: #665498
  7. Sizzix Effectz - Crystal Glaze, 100ml
    Item: #665454
  8. Sizzix Effectz - Crystal Paste, 100ml
    Item: #665453
  9. Sizzix Clear Stamps 4PK - Christmas Baubles
    Item: #665355
  10. Sizzix Clear Stamps 9PK - Everyday Sentiments
    Item: #665199
    £8.99 £3.60
  11. Sizzix Gold Luster Wax
    Item: #664809
  12. Sizzix Effectz Expand Paste
    Item: #664570
  13. Sizzix Clear Stamps 8PK - Splats
    Item: #664845
  14. Sizzix Clear Stamps 6PK - Good Vibes #2
    Item: #664844
  15. Sizzix Clear Stamps 6PK - Good Vibes #1
    Item: #664843