Using Sizzix Acrylic Paints in your crafting projects!

This weeks blog is from Sizzix designer Josh! Read this blog for an insight in crafting top tips when using the new Sizzix acrylic paints! Get inspired and expand your crafting collection now with the Sizzix Effectz™ range!

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The moment is finally here! I have waited so long to be able to talk to you all about our amazing new Creamy Acrylic Paints! These paints are the perfect consistency for using in craft.

Each of the colors match our existing Color Story and they also dry in the perfect amount of time so you can blend and experiment!

I love to paint and I love to craft and when these two things are combined we can create some really stunning effects. Here are some of my favorite ways to use the Sizzix acrylic paints in craft.

Dry Brushing

Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Dry brushing is a technique used to highlight embossed detail. This works best on darker colored surfaces and using lighter paint to show contrast. Luckily, our Sizzix Creamy Acrylics are designed to perfectly compliment the other colors, as they come in our Color Story range. I have chosen to use Lavender dust acrylic paint on Mermaid Kiss embossed cardstock as I love this combination of colors.

To achieve this effect, simply take on a small amount of paint on a dry brush, take any excess off on your craft mat or a scrap piece of card, then lightly brush the same area. The paint will build slowly on the raised surfaces the more you brush.

A good tip for this effect is to be patient. It's very easy to load too much paint on your brush if you think the paint isn't transferring fast enough but trust me, slow and steady is best with this. It should be difficult to tell if any paint is going on at all.

Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Paint Dragging

Sizzix Acrylic Paints

I find this technique works best using an artists sponge and embossed (or faux embossed) surfaces that still have some areas of flat space. Take a small blob of paint and apply it directly to your craft mat.

Spray your artists sponge with water so that it is just about damp, take some paint on the sponge and drag down your embossed element from the top down. Repeating this with a mix of colors creates a really lovely effect.

Sizzix Acrylic Paints


Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Here's another effective technique for highlighting embossed elements. It's really straight forward. Simply take some paint onto a brayer, take off the excess by rolling onto a scrap piece of card then roll the brayer over the card to highlight the raised areas.


Sizzix Acrylic Paints

This is a really quick painting I created using a few brush techniques including dabbing to create the distant leaves and dragging for the water effect. I then used a black permanent marker to add trees and details.

There will be much, much more content to come showing ways to use the Sizzix Creamy Acrylic paints. These are just a few of my favorites. I can't wait to see what you at home do with these fantastic acrylic paints.

Remember to share your amazing makes with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory!

Until next time!

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