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Brand New Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool Now Available!

Find out everything you need to know about this fantastic new tool and the coordinating layered stencils and stamps.

With a range of designs available, you'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you are creating something special for Christmas, a loved one's birthday, or even just something to spruce up your home decor, you'll find lots of inspiration here.

We’re super excited to introduce the BRAND NEW Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool. A clever tool that transforms from a stenciling tool into a stamping press easily! This fantastic dual tool features a non-slip base for stability when creating, this base is also edgeless, meaning your designs can be to a width larger than the platform.

To turn this tool into a stamping press, you simply use the clear gridded stamp plate which is easy to add and remove from the base. The stamping plate is even gridded for perfect alignment and allows cling stamps to adhere to easily. What’s more the sticky grid sheet which your material is placed on is gridded too so it can hold your project still in place and help you achieve that perfect position!

That’s not all, with the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool is a Stencil Adapter! This handy tool can be positioned on the hinge of the Stencil & Stamp Tool and holds the stencil in place for perfect registration of stencils and layered stencils. Using the Stencil Adapter you can find the perfect position for your design as you can move horizontally and vertically across the hinge.

Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool Key

What is the Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool?

The Stencil & Stamp Tool is a 2in1 tool for arts and crafts projects to assist crafters with stenciling and stamping their crafts. Sizzix offers both layered stencils and stamps as well as single layer stamps too for creating stencilled and stamped craft projects for every occasion.

As an easy to use stencil tool and stamping press, crafters of all ages and abilities can use the new Stencil & Stamp Tool with ease.

On the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Hub page you can find everything you need to start creating with the new Sizzix Stencil & Stamp collection.

You can watch the Q&A with Sizzix Designers Pete Hughes and Josh Griffiths here, for more information on how to use the Stencil and Stamp Tool.

Watch Sizzix Designer Pete Hughes’ product overview here, where he discusses and demos the new Stencil and Stamp Tool and coordinating Stencils and Stamps.

Where can I buy the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool?

The Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool is available now for UK and EU audiences to purchase on the Sizzix Website here. US crafters can purchase on the website or on the website when it launches September 20th.

How to use the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool

Once you have ordered your brand-new Stencil & Stamp Tool here’s how you can get started to make your stamping and stenciling easier!

Setting up your Stencil & Stamp Tool

  1. Unbox your new Stencil and Stamping tool, making sure you keep the instructions somewhere safe.
  2. Peel the backing from the sticky grid sheet and adhere to the base of the Stenciling tool.
  3. Locate the Stencil Adapter and clip onto the hinge
  4. Place the Gridded Stamping Plate into the hinge
Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool, dual tool for making stenciling and stamping effortless

How to use the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool

Creating gorgeous designs with the Sizzix Layered Stencils is simple.

  1. On your pack of Sizzix stencils you’ll see two punch holes; this is where you’ll place your stencil onto the Stencil Adapter on the Tool. Each layer of the stencil will also feature a number so you know which layer to start with to build up your design. You may chose to use all layers or to forgo some of the layers to create your own design, this is all part of the fun! What’s great is these are reusable stencils and so can be cleaned and reused over and over!
  2. Use the Sizzix Multi-Tool to with ink and blend onto your surface through the stencil. Here the Sizzix Designers are using the gorgeous Ranger Distress Ink By Tim Holtz. You can also experiment with Acrylic paints too.
  3. Repeat with each layer of the stencilled design to build up your layered masterpiece. Remember because the Stencil Adapter offers perfect registration each time, you can remove to check how your project looks like before returning your stencil to its place on the Stencil Adapter and still achieve that perfect stamping precision.

There are so many crafts stencil designs to choose from, including florals, butterflies and birds for evergreen designs which suit all occasions and crafts, like Birthday cards, Christmas crafts like Christmas cards and giftwrap, Wedding gifts, home décor and so much more DIY projects!

Pairing the Christmas stencils for crafting with the Sizzix Essentials and Effectz range, using primers, pastes and glitters is a great way to add dimension and detail to achieve a festive look. With a range of colors to choose from across paints, inks and embellishments you’ll find the perfect colorway to match your design ideas.

Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool. 2in1 tool for both stenciling and stamping papercraft designs.

With the Stencil Adapter included with your Stencil & Stamp Tool, you’ll get perfect precision every time on your stencil craft project so making batches of cards or gift wrap is effortless. You could even get children involved for fun Christmas crafts for kids. 

How to use Sizzix layered stamps

As well as craft stencils, we’ve just launched some beautiful, layered stamp designs in a range of designs from florals and greenery to fun festive craft stamps. Layered stamps empower you to create gorgeous designs building up layers of colour with craft inks and acrylic paints.

Crafting with the layered stamps is easy with the gridded stamping plate on the Stencil & Stamp Tool.

1. Simply position the first layer of your craft stamp onto your base layer material

2. Close the stamp plate to adhere the stamp to the gridded stamp plate surface

3. Next ink the stamp and reclose to create your stamped image.

4. Repeat with each layer until you have built your layered stamped image.

Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool, transforms to allow the use of both stencil and stamps, including layered designs.

How to stamp with a Stamping Press

As well as stamping with layered stamps we also have a collection of clear cling stamps for crafting. Including stamping designs with beautiful sentiments, fun saying, cute animals and pretty florals. Cling stamps make the perfect addition to any art and craft, whether finishing off a cardmaking project or creating a stamped scrapbook layout.

To use the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool as a stamping press is easy as the tool transforms into a stamping tool with the hinged gridded stamp plate.

  1. Position your clear stamp in place on your project
  2. Close the stamp plate, this will adhere the cling stamp to the gridded stamp plate
  3. Next ink the stamp while on the gridded stamp plate and close to create your stamped image

If you don’t need to reapply the ink and restamp you can do so without moving the stamp from the stamp plate to achieve a perfect stamped design

Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool, with gridded stamp plate for perfect positioning of clear stamps for papercraft designs.

Where can I find out more about the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool?

Looking for even more information and inspiration? Well grab a cuppa and get comfy as we have a range of videos on our Youtube channel that explores what's included with the Stencil & Stamp Tool, how to use it and some fantastic ideas for creating stenciled and stamped cards, scrapbook layout and much more.

Watch the Sizzix Youtube Playlist

Find more inspiration on our social channels and share your makes with us too using our hashtags we love to see what you're creating!

Perfect stenciling and stamping for cardmaking, papercraft, scrapbooking, home decor and more!



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