Sizzix Craft Embellishments!

At Sizzix, we love Craft Embellishments. Including Sequins & Beads, Stamens & Glitter, Embellishments make any project come to life with a beautiful finishing touch.

You can add Embellishments to all types of crafting such as Scrapbooking, Cards and Metal Embellishments - at Sizzix we have it all.

Gift Tag and Festive Embellishments from Sizzix.

Embellishments are for all year round including your seasonal creations, whether you want to advance a Summer Floral Bouquet or use Christmas Embellishments to create a festive scene, at Sizzix we have everything you need for all seasons!

Christmas Craft using Sizzix Christmas Embellishments

To add an extra sparkle to any crafting project, you can add buttons or rhinestone. Discover the full range here.

What are Craft Embellishments?

They are the finishing touch to any crafting projects, including; glitter, sequins and beads, cardstock and stamens. They're simplistic but effective! Looking for that extra something to add to your crafting? Explore the range at Sizzix now...

What do you do with Craft Embellishments?


Stamens are perfect for adding a realistic touch to your bouquet or floral masterpiece. See below a top tip from Sizzix designer Jessica Slack for adding stamens to your florals:

"How to easily insert stamens into your flower centers:

Take 7-8 stamens of your choice (use more stamens for bigger flowers) fold them in half and apply hot glue to the fold. Using the thimbles from the glue gun accessory kit roll the stamens in between your thumb and finger with the thimbles on to smooth out the glue. This will allow the stamens to be easily pulled through a hole in the center of a paper/sculpting foam/crepe paper/felt flower whilst keeping all the stamens at the same height."

Floral Stamens - Flowers Sizzix.

Sequins and Beads and Shaker Domes

Sequins, Beads and Shaker Domes are a must-have for your craft toolbox and can add a 3D touch to your home décor or cardmaking projects. See below for an inspirational project using these items!

How Sequins can be used to add a 3D touch

At Sizzix we stock the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Collection which are a beautiful range of elements for you to add to your crafting! Take a look at the full range now, there is something for everyone.

We would love to see your crafting projects. So, remember to tag us in your makes using the hashtag #mymakingstory.

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