Mystical Mermaid Card

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well! Today I want to share with you our brand new Mystical Collection which has all sorts of fun stuff in from cute mermaid dies and intricate embossing to gorgeous holographic and glitter Cardstock to lilac iridescent luster wax! As the name suggests the whole collection has a mystical theme and the designs and colors all reflect that playful trend.

For this card I wanted to show you how you can use the new Mystical Collection and the Tom Holtz Distress Inks to create an interesting underwater scene from the fun technique driven background to the holographic layered elements.

You Will Need ...

  1. Trim a piece of white cardstock to 11cm x17cm.
white cardstock

2. Using a light blue/ turquoise colored distress ink and the multi-toll with the blending head attached cover the white cardstock with the blue ink.

distress ink

3. Use makers tape to tape out line on the front of your card making them thinner at the top and wider towards the bottom so they replicate sunbeams.

decorative tape

4. Apply a darker blue distress ink towards the bottom of the cardstock and reapply the lighter distress ink to the top, making sure the makers tape stays in place during this process.

Distress ink

5. Remove the makers tape and use a spray bottle filled with water to apply water droplets to the inked cardstock whilst using a tissue to dab away the excess water, this will create an underwater/bubble effect on the inked background.

Distress card

6. Die cut two mermaid tails from the ‘Make Waves’ die set using the glitter ombre cardstock.

Make Waves die set

7. Adhere the mermaid tail die-cuts onto the silver mirror cardstock using express glue and cut away the excess using scissors.

mermaid die cut out
mermaid die assembly

8. Adhere the finished mermaid tails onto the front of the card at either side using foam tape and trim away the excess using scissors.

mermaid card and die set

9. Die cut multiple seaweed/coral elements using the ‘Coral Wreath’ die set from purple, green and white cardstock.

mystical collection

10. Using your finger or a soft cloth apply the lilac luster wax in circular motions onto the purple and white coral die-cuts.

luster wax

11. Arrange and adhere the coral die-cuts into place along the bottom of the card using express glue and trim any excess that there may be along the bottom of the card.

mermaid tails

12. Die cut any extra elements you wish to add from the two die sets and adhere them to the front of your card using foam tape or express glue. Here I have added a shell, starfish, fish and some bubbles but you can add as much or as little as you want in whatever cardstock colors you wish.

mermaid card collection

13. Trim a piece of glitter holographic cardstock to 11.5cm x 17.5cm and a piece of folded white cardstock to 12cm x 18cm and layer and adhere the three elements together using the Sizzix adhesive roller.

mystical holographic cardstock

I hope you have as much fun re-creating this card as I did making it and don't forget you can change up the colors and scene to suit your preference to make up your own personalised underwater world!

mermaid card

Thank you for checking this blog out today guys! I will see you soon for another make but until then stay safe and keep crafting!

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