Mindfulness Q&A with Sizzix Designer, Debbie!

Get to know Sizzix Designer Debbie! We asked Debbie a few questions on how she created mindfulness whilst crafting. Take a look at the answers below. We love to hear and see inspiration from all the Sizzix Designers and with mindfulness being a big focus this year we thought we would create a Designer Q&A series with few questions around mindfulness, check out all the Sizzix Designer answers here.

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Sizzix Designer Debbie


How does crafting create mindfulness for you?

What I find calming is anything intricate that needs assembly. I enjoy figuring out the way the pieces fit together and love to feel a sense of achievement when I create the finished piece. Some people would find it frustrating, but I really enjoy it!

What are your top tips for creating mindfulness?

Cut 10 full sets of each die in one basic colour, then separate them and play with the assembly until you are happy! Once I have figured it all out, I cut them out in the desired colours and match them to theme. I find this the best way to create something I am really proud of and something that works well.

Do you have any therapeutic crafting techniques to share?

I like to choose a die set and come up with five (or more) different ways to use that die. I experiment with Shrink Plastic, Sculpting Foam (heated and sculpted), the Sizzix Effectz range, Soft Crafts and many more! The possibilities are endless, it sparks your creativity and allows you to experiment with your projects.

We hope you are enjoying learning more about the Sizzix Designers in this Q&A series. We would love to know how you create mindfulness whilst crafting, share them with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory. Happy Crafting!

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