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Tim Holtz Cutting Pads

Cutting Pads are an area we get asked about a lot by new and experienced crafters alike. Why do I have to replace them? How often do I have to replace them? Can I still use them when they are warped? How can I make them last longer? These are just a few of the questions we get asked.

We’re hoping to give you some guidance on all these questions (and maybe more) within this blog post so we can make your die cutting experience as seamless as possible.

First things first, let’s cover the types of Cutting Pads there are…

Big Shot Switch Machine and Die Cutting Accessories

Each machine requires a particular type or size of Cutting Pad. The only die cutting machine we advise you can use multiple types of cutting pads on is the Big Shot Switch Plus Machine.

The majority of Sizzix Die Cutting Machines include a pair of corresponding cutting pads with them, but they are also available outside of buying the machine as part of our Machine Accessories range – if you’re lucky you may even be tempted to try out some of our different colored ones too!

Why do the cutting pads that come with the Big Shot Switch Plus Machines have a beveled edge when none of the others do?

Whilst the Switch Plus Cutting Pads have a beveled edge, it's not to say you can’t use others with this machine. The beveled edge just allows a slightly swifter catch under the rollers and sensors meaning there’s less noise when your die cutting sandwich enters the machine.

Why do I need to replace my cutting pads and are they covered by my warranty?

Cutting Pads

Cutting pads are not covered by your Sizzix Machine Warranty and are classed as consumable items which means that eventually they will need replacing due to wear and tear.

How often do I have to replace my cutting pads?

They don’t have a standard life span, it really is dependent on the type of machine you have; how much you use your machine and what you are cutting, but there is plenty of mileage in each pair you use!

How can I make them last longer?

Sizzix Big Shot Machine and Machine Accessories

As well as providing the right height and thickness for your die cutting sandwich, your cutting pads are protecting the rollers from the metal cutting edges of the dies, so with use it is normal that your cutting pads will mark and bend.

To help increase the life of your pads, please follow these handy tips:

  • Keep one cutting pad as the constant bottom cutting pad, using the other always as the top one, changing the sides of this cutting plate in-between cuts to ensure that both sides are used. This means that once the top cutting pad is worn, you need only replace the one, resulting in you getting more use out of a pair of cutting pads.
  • Try to use as much of the surface as possible - rather than placing dies constantly in the middle of a cutting pad, always try to move your dies around using the space around the edges too.
  • If curving occurs, please cut into the concave side to relieve the pressure and help to straighten it out.

Please watch the following video links which demonstrate some of the above tips:

The marks on my Big Shot Switch Plus cutting pads are imprinting the paper I am trying to die cut, how can I stop this from happening?

In comparison to our other machines, our Big Shot Switch Plus Machine has more pressure. To minimize marking on your paper, as well as using a shim, you could also take the die cut and place it in a blank folded card and run it back through the machine, this helps to smooth out the surface of the card.

Alternatively, you could also keep a clear cutting pad that you do not cut into and make sure your mirror paper faces this clear cutting pad. 

We hope these answer the questions you might have about the Sizzix cutting pads, however, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team should you have any further questions.

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