Craft Mindfulness at Sizzix!

As it’s World Mental Health Day, we wanted to share some creative ways to assist you in your Craft Mindfulness journey with Sizzix.

There are lots of different making types and styles that you can experiment with and discover, and at Sizzix we have everything you need for your crafting in all these making types!

Mindfulness in Crafting Blog!

Discover the perfect Making Types to achieve Craft Mindfulness...


Perfect for every season. Show your loved one how much they mean to you by creating a homemade card full of love! We have a page full of wonderful ideas to inspire you for cardmaking, visit now!

Home Cardmaking Inspiration by Sizzix

Home Décor

Brighten up your home and create something that makes you smile when you look at your home décor design on your mantlepiece, wall or chest of drawers! We have a range of ideas to inspire you from a beautiful bouquet or up-cycling a frame for your home. There are lots of ways you can un-wind in your crafts, visit the home décor Sizzix ideas page for a range of ideas for home décor.

Home Décor Inspiration by Sizzix


Papercrafts! Focus on a range of papercrafting styles from 3-D to florals! Papercrafting will help distract your thoughts and create mindfulness! We have lots of papercrafting ideas and projects to help you softly relax into a state of Craft Mindfulness..

Papercrafting Inspiration by Sizzix


Create a journal! Make a beautifully crafted journal with dies and making essentials that you love! Journaling helps to create mindfulness as you can write your thoughts on a page and release your stresses. We have a range of products at Sizzix for your Journaling makes, discover here.

Journaling Inspiration by Sizzix

We hope the above guide has helped you discover how you can reach a relaxed state of mindfulness with Sizzix craft projects and products.

We LOVE to see all the wonderful things you create in your making whether you are crafting for Christmas, Spring and any other holiday! Remember to tag us in your makes using the hashtag #mymakingstory for a chance to feature on our social channels!

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