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Manuscript Modern Calligraphy 3 Ink Set


So your new to calligraphy? No problem.

This award-winning Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Oblique Set is an ideal way to get started with calligraphy.

This set includes a modern dip pen holder and specially selected nibs for modern calligraphy, allowing you to create the thicks and thins of the letters in a fun and simple way.

This set includes the following:

  • 1 purple dip pen holder
  • 3 Leonardt calligraphy dip nibs ideal for modern calligraphy script
  • 1 7ml bottle of black ink
  • 1 7ml pink bottle of ink
  • 1 7ml turquoise bottle of ink
  • A modern calligraphy worksheet created by renowned modern calligrapher Artsynibs
  • All packaged beautifully in a luxury storage tin

All nibs are made in Britain

Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Oblique Set: MDP401

Manuscript Modern Calligraphy 3 Ink Set
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