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Big Shot Switch Plus Premium Crease Pad

This Premium Crease Pad accessory is recommended when using Scoreboard technologies (Bigz, Bigz L, Bigz XL, Bigz Plus) in the Big Shot Switch Plus Machine with Mat board. The Premium Crease Pad can also be used with crease-rule Bigz dies with cardstock. Constructed of high-quality polyurethane plastic, this Crease Pad helps create subtle fold lines for easy to assemble cards, envelopes, bags, boxes and pockets. Simply sandwich the die and material to be cut between one Crease Pad and one Cutting Pad and roll through the machine.
Design Dimensions
Crease Pad - 22.5cm x 40.5cm x 0.34cm, 2 Mylar Shims - 22.5cm x 35cm x 0.01cm
1 Crease Pad ,2 Mylar Shims
1 Polyurethane Crease Pad with silkscreen 2 Mylar Shims