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Sizzix Sidekick Accessory - Cutting Pads, Extended, 1 Pair by Tim Holtz

Designed by: Tim Holtz

Introducing the Extended Cutting Pads by Tim Holtz® for the Sizzix Sidekick. These new Cutting Pads are designed to make it easy for you to pass longer Die Sets through your small but mighty machine! Just sandwich a Die Set of your choice between these Cutting Pads and get crafting!

Simply sandwich the die and material to be cut between the Cutting Pads and roll through the machine. A platform or adapter may be required for cutting Wafer Thin Dies. A Premium Crease Pad is required in place of one Cutting Pad when die-cutting Sizzix steel-rule dies containing crease rule.

Design Dimensions
15.2cm x 6.6cm x 0.04cm
2 Cutting Pads
PC Plastic