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Here you will find all of our latest projects for all making abilities and making types. If you are looking for some step-by-step instructions to get your making underway, this is the best place for you.


Now retired, the original Sizzix® eclips® Machine was the first electronic shape-cutter of its kind to eclips your creative expectations. Combining the award-winning Sizzix artwork on various themed cartridges with precise cutting, scoring and drawing capabilities and remote-controlled intelligence, this machine creates completely customizable shapes and letters for simply amazing cards, envelopes, scrapbook pages, bags, boxes, home décor projects, fashion accessories and more! The eCAL software uses your computer to create and modify your own designs for cutting, scoring and drawing with the eclips. For even more creativity, check out the all-new eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter which includes many enhanced features to unleash your imagination.

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  1. Journal
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  2. Sparkle Card
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  3. Fairy Tree Card
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  4. Fairy Dust Jar
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  5. Deck The Halls
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  6. Fairy Gift Tag
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  7. Dragonfly Frame
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  8. Bauble Card
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  9. Heart Gift Tags
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