When using Thinlits® dies, place the die cutting surface facing upwards - this is especially important with larger, more intricate designs.


Where accurate registration is required, such as with less intricate Framelits® dies, this is fine to place the die cutting surface facing down onto the pattern/phrase/photo you want to cut. It may be necessary to run the sandwich through the machine a few times (depending on the complexity of the design and the thickness of the card/paper). After the first time running the sandwich through the Big Shot®, Big Shot® Plus or Big Shot® Pro machine, where possible, remove the top cutting pad and rotate the die and card together 90 degrees before replacing the top cutting plate and run through the machine again. This process may need to be repeated.

Die-cut release paper:
Most dies now come designed with tiny holes, which are used well with a die pick for ease. However, with some of the more delicate die designs, it can sometimes be a little bit more tricky to remove the paper/card from the die after cutting. In order to free the die-cut shape quickly and more easily, it can be beneficial to place greaseproof or wax paper between the die and the card/paper before cutting.

Placement of the dies on platform:
Border dies should always go through the machine lengthways. One of the great things about the Big Shot® and Big Shot Pro® machines is the ability to cut many dies at one time. However, when cutting the more intricate Wafer-Thin Dies, you may get better results by just cutting one at a time.

Magnetic Platform

The Sizzix® Magnetic Platform for Wafer-Thin Dies is the perfect solution for accurate die-cutting where registration is important. When you want to place a Framelits® die over a specific area of patterned paper, or when die-cutting a phrase or photograph, simply place one cutting pad onto the platform, followed by the paper/phase/photograph. Next, place the Framelits® die into the desired place and it will be held in place by the platform. Finally, place the second cutting pad on top and run through your machine.

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