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Take papercraft to the next level with brand new Colorize® technology from Tim Holtz®.

Colorize brings a selection of intricate paper-layering designs which enable you to create more dimensional and detailed projects than ever before!

Unique to the world of die-cutting, Colorize allows you to create realistic dimension using drop shadows and highlights for amazing detail. From papercrafters to mixed-media artists, Colorize is a rewarding new challenge for all, to bring animated characters and elements to life!

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1. Select Cardstock

Each Thinlits® die is labelled to take the guesswork out of selecting and positioning shades, creating amazing multi-faceted layered results! Separate cardstock based on the recommended colour printed on the back of each die.

2. Apply Adhesive Sheet

Apply Adhesive Sheet (656802), available at Sizzix, to the back of your cardstock for ease of use when layering and adding the intricate elements.

3. Die-Cut and Separate

Die-cut in order of the numbers labelled on the back of your Thinlits dies. Once cut, separate by colour to group your shapes ready for when you assemble your design.

4. Optional Step - Add Depth

Add colour to the edges of your die-cuts to add depth using a darker shade of coloured ink.

5. Follow the Embossing Lines

Each base shape has crease blades which create embossing lines, helping to clearly identify where to place your layers. Use these lines to place mid-tone and highlight cuts. Assemble each section of the design, using tweezers to peel and stick the adhesive sheet to secure the layers.

6. Assemble Design Elements to Finish

Once you have layered each component, assemble the final design composing all elements together. Finally, place your Colorize design on a project of your choice.

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