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Christmas Hacks

We've got a collection of quick and easy hacks to help transform your Christmas into a homemade delight! Here are some step-by-step instructions for a pasta garland, a festive gift tube and quick baubles!

Festive Gift Tube

  1. Download our Christmas papers and wrap it around your recycled crisp tube.
  2. Use sticky tape to securely glue down the edges.
  3. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to fit around the tube and to make a bow.
  4. Then cut the ribbon into a mermaid tail finish
  5. Finish by adding your gifts into your newly decorated Christmas tube.

Quick Baubles

  1. Using Framelits circle die set, cut out a circle of the shrink plastic.
  2. Then using the non-shiny side, decorate your circle using the permanent pens.
  3. Once nicely decorated, using the heat tool start to shrink the plastic.
  4. Make sure to flatten down once it has finished shrinking.
  5. Then once it has cooled, open your paper clip and using the glue gun glue down one side onto the back of the circle.
  6. Once dried, it is ready to hang onto your tree!

Pasta Garland

  1. Measure out and cut your piece of string so it is long enough to wrap around your tree.
  2. Then start gluing your pasta onto the string using the glue gun.
  3. Creating the flower buds- selected a few flower buds, twist together then secure with masking tape.
  4. Make sure to glue the middle of the pasta onto the string.
  5. Once all stuck down, start to add PVA glue onto each piece of pasta and sprinkle over your glitter.
  6. Continue until all the pastas are decorated.
  7. Let it dry, and there you have a quick, easy and pretty Christmas decoration!

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