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Sizzix Bigz Dies

Our biggest dies create some of our boldest designs! These big dies cut almost anything including cardstock, felt, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, craft aluminum and many other materials. Imagine the giant-sized possibilities of our large and lovely decorative shapes, bags, cards, envelopes and lettering! Bigz™, Bigz L, Bigz XL and Bigz XL 25" are compatible with Big Shot™, BIGkick™ and Vagabond™ machines. Bigz Plus are compatible with the Big Shot Plus and Big Shot Pro machines, while Bigz Pro and Bigz Pro 25" are only compatible with the Big Shot Pro Machine. Occasionally a crease pad may need to be used in place of a cutting pad when die-cutting with a die containing crease-rule.

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  1. Sizzix Bigz Die - 3-D Bow
    Item: #665096
  2. Sizzix Bigz Die Celebration Cake
    Item: #665095
  3. Sizzix Bigz Spring Flowers
    Item: #665101
  4. Sizzix Egg Dies
    Item: #665098
    Out Of Stock
  5. Sizzix Bigz Die - Chrysanthemum
    Item: #664594
    £17.99 £9.00
  6. Sizzix Bigz Die - Anemone Flower
    Item: #664591
  7. Sizzix Bigz Die - Summer Blooms
    Item: #663860
  8. Sizzix Bigz Die - Modern Foliage
    Item: #664597
    £17.99 £9.00
  9. Sizzix Bigz Die - Grace
    Item: #663848
  10. Sizzix Bigz Die - Nursery
    Item: #664389