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Creativity is always a moving experience! Your customizable creations begin with Movers & Shapers™ Dies. The movable magnetic dies (included with each die set and also sold separately) create a window anywhere you want in the base shape for true freedom with your shape-cutting experience. Movers & Shapers Base Dies, Movers & Shapers L Base Dies and Movers & Shapers XL Die Sets are compatible with Big Shot™, BIGkick™ and Vagabond™ Machines while Movers & Shapers Pro Dies and Die Sets are only compatible with the Big Shot Pro Machine. Movers & Shapers Magnetic Dies can be used independently in the Movers & Shapers Base Tray or in any Base Dies they fit in. Occasionally a crease pad may need to be used in place of a cutting pad when die-cutting with a die containing crease-rule.

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  1. Sizzix Tropical Craft Box
    Item: #31684
  2. Sizzix Making Essential - Sequins & Beads, Mint Julep, 5PK
    Item: #664607
    £4.99 £4.00
  3. Sizzix Making Essential - Opaque Embossing Powder, Agave, 12g
    Item: #664274
    £2.99 £2.39
  4. Sizzix Sidekick Side-Order Set - Halloween
    Item: #663072
    £7.00 £4.20