Wintry Table Decor using Tim Holtz designs! by Tamera Bastiaans


Hello! My name is Tami and I am thrilled to be sharing a festive, wintry table decor piece using Tim Holtz Chapter 4 designs! So many of the Chapter 4 dies are perfect for making handmade decorations. If you saw Tim's live reveal of the Chapter 4 dies, you might remember this project. I have been a huge fan of Tim Holtz designs and products for many years and so I am excited to share this holiday home décor project and that I get to walk you through how to make it.


Products needed:

Pine Bough Sizzix  664228

Deck the Halls Sizzix 664229

Idea-ology Vignette Drawer

Idea-ology Foundations

Idea-ology Mini Mason Jars

Ideaology Mini Hardware Pulls

Distress Mica Flakes

Distress Collage Medium

Distress Paint Picket Fence

Mushroom Alcohol Ink

Distress Grit Paste

Sanding tool with sandpaper

White floral foam


Tea lights


Wintry Table Decor using Tim Holtz designs! by Tamera Bastiaans

  1. Cut the pine bough set twice out of kraft paper.
  2. Adhere the pinecone shapes to some kraft paper with Distress Collage Medium (no corresponding photo for step 2).
  3. When dry cut out.
  4. Adhere two boughs and one pinecone to each long side of the Vignette Drawer with Collage Medium, covering the entire drawer with a layer of Collage Medium as well.
  5. Once it is dry, cover the entire piece with a layer (or two if needed) of Picket Fence Distress Paint. Let it dry completely.Wintry Table Decor using Tim Holtz designs! by Tamera Bastiaans
  6. While the paint is drying, prepare the metal parts. Take all the metal parts: foundations, jar lids, hardware pulls, and rub some Picket Fence Distress Paint onto them. You don't want a heavy coat, just enough to make the metal look oxidized.
  7. Apply a tiny bit of Mushroom Alcohol Ink here and there on top of the paint to age it (no corresponding photo for step 7).
  8. If the paint on the Vignette Drawer is dry, sand off the paint over the pine boughs and pine cones so that they look like they were carved from the drawer and that the paint has worn off.
  9. Adhere the Foundations to the corners of the Drawer, and the pulls to the ends of the Vignette Drawer with Collage Medium. Set aside to dry. Cut dozens of pine boughs from several colors of green kraftstock, and pinecones from a couple of brown kraftstock. From the Deck the Halls die set, cut some holly leaves from three colors of green kraftstock.
  10. When the metal legs have had time to dry and securely attach to the Vignette Drawer, cut some white foam to fit in the three sections of the Vignette Drawer. I made the center one a little higher than the two on the right and left. Then attach the metal lids of the jars into the center of each square as a stand for the jars. This also gives you an idea of where the jars will go so you can add the greenery.Wintry Table Decor using Tim Holtz designs! by Tamera Bastiaans
  11. Bend and crinkle the pine boughs so that they look realistic.
  12. Arrange the pine boughs, pine cones and holly leaves around the lids in the foam and adhere them with a hot glue gun.
  13. Once all the greenery is in place, apply some Distress Grit Paste to the greenery pieces here and there with your finger to make them look like they have a bit of snow on them.
  14. To finish the wintry feel, apply some Distress Collage Medium here and there to any empty spots in and among the greenery and then sprinkle Distress Mica Flakes on it.
  15. Finish the piece off by tying jute around the necks of the Mini Mason Jars, putting some Distress Collage Medium and Mica Flakes on the tea lights, and putting a tea light in each jar. Then place the jars on the lid stands, and you are finished.Wintry Table Decor using Tim Holtz designs! by Tamera Bastiaans


Thank you so much for stopping by The Making Journal. It was such a privilege to get to share this project with your and I hope that you were able to find some holiday inspiration from it.