If you’re a pet lover who is looking for their next making project, then this one’s for you! Personalise pet accessories for your furry friend with these amazingly creative ideas.


Pet Tags 

Pet tags are an essential for every responsible owner. Your pet’s tag is a great excuse to show their personality, so why not make and customise one of your own?! Shrink plastic is the perfect material to make your pet tag from, or perhaps the ideal excuse to start your pyrography hobby!



Toy Storage 

Having pets can be messy business, which is why we love to include as much pet organisation and storage in our homes as possible to minimise the chaos. These DIY storage ideas are the perfect solution to your pet’s toy obsession! Toy crates can be personalised with an alphabet die-set, perfect for a pampered pooch.

ahometogrowoldin.com, etsy.cometsy.com


Pet Bed

Pet beds can be expensive to buy, but more importantly we love the idea of being able to personalise their own space for our beloved pets. An amazing hack is to use an old discarded tyre, which can be custom made into the perfect dog bed with a lick of paint and lots of comfy padding inside! There’s so much inspiration online on the various ways you can make your own DIY pet bed!



Treat Jars

Treat jars are a great way of storing and keeping your dog treats fresher for longer. Die-cut dog-friendly shapes such as the Dachshund Bigz die set, available at Sizzix, to customise your treat container for something you'll both love!

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