Hi everyone,

I have created a tropical hanging!

You could display this tropical hanging in many different ways, here’s a few- Outside area, baby’s mobile, dinging table hanging décor.

I have kept the colours quite muted as this will go well with my décor, however I feel because it’s a topical wall hanging bright colours would look really great too! Especially if you were to display this in an outside area.

Follow my step by step to create your own…


What will you need:

  • Die- Peony 663593, Tropical leaf 663360, Eucalyptus 663359.
  • Card- vararity of different shades of green, white, light pink, yellow, grey.
  • Sizzix glue gun.
  • Embroidery hoop.
  • White string.
  • Sizzix paper sculpting kit.
  • Bigshot machine.
  • Fake foliage.
  • Embroidery hoop.

How to:

  1. Firstly, you will need to cut out all of your elements:
  • Eucalyptus- 45-50
  • Tropical leaf- 5
  • Peony- 5
  1. With the paper sculpting kit make all of the above elements 3D.
  2. Glue down the eucalyptus pieces around the outer part of the embroidery hoop. Make sure the eucalyptuses are all going in the same direction, build the eucalyptus until the hoop looks full.
  3. Glue down the peonies around the hoop and the tropical leaf in between the peonies.
  4. Fill in any gaps with fake foliage.
  5. Finally add the white string for hanging.