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I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about the new Sculpting Foam from Sizzix. For years now I have been trying to replicate the wonders of Mother Nature in card, paper and fabric with mixed results but nothing comes as close as Sculpting foam.

To get close with card and paper takes quite a bit of skill and technique. The beauty of sculpting foam is that anyone can achieve stunning results straight out of the box, read on....

I wanted to create a little tropical vignette to show off the capabilities of this great product. I have some drift wood collected from a beach in North Wales on New Years Day and as luck would have it I also had a dome bell jar hanging around, now all I needed was a die so naturally I chose a classic loved by many of you... Tattered Florals.

I started By cutting three of the large flowers out of white foam from the Bouquet set.

Sculpting Foam works great with a number of mediums when a little colour is need. One of the most popular is oil pastels which we will show in a later blog or video. Today I am mixing and matching my Inks to show that you can use it with all of your favourite stash. As you can see above I applied some Twisted Citron Distress Oxide Ink to the centre of the flower before inking the ends of the petals with a couple of shades of Distress Ink namely Picked Raspberry and Ripe Persimmon. Next, I applied Dusty concord to the very edges of the petals. Finally, I used a Distress Marker (Rusty Hinge) to add some spotty detail.

Here is where the magic really happens. there are several different ways and tools to achieve great results with the foam and this is my preferred method. I take the flower and fold it in half then half again before gripping it in the middle with my tweezers. This allows me to use the heat tool without burning my fingers.

It's important to manipulate the foam while it is still warm from heating so as soon as you turn off the the heat, grip both ends of the flower between the thumb and forefinger of both hands and twist to create the wonderful, naturalistic creases.

Start to unravel the flower and stretch out the petals to create results like you can see in the bottom right-hand image above. I went on to repeat this until I had three flowers.

Sissix have also developed some wonderful stamen with which to embellish the centre of each flower in a range of different colours and tones. For this particular flower I took six Purple stamen and folded them in half before applying a little Sizzix Express Glue to the string at which point I twisted them until the glue held as you can see in the bottom left image above. Once dry I used the tweezers from my paper sculpting kit to poke a hole through the centre of the three flowers at which point I inserted the stamen.

As you can see the overall effect is pretty stunning!

To create the other flowers, I used a cotton bud to apply Dusty Concord Distress Ink to the petals of the lilac flowers. I used Spiced marmalade and Aged Mahogany to colour the small yellow flowers. I used the same heating/twisting technique with all the die-cuts and both sets were filled with white stamen.

For the leaves I applied some white pigment ink applied with a cotton bud down the centre of the Darker green flower and a little Broken China Distress Ink on the edges of the mint green leaves Again I applied the same heating/twisting techniques and the results are Fab!

Once I had all my flowers ready to go it was simply a case of trimming the stamen string from the rear of each flower before Attaching each flower and leaf to the driftwood in a pleasing composition.

Pretty cool!

I hope you have enjoyed this labour of love and I really hope you all give Sizzix Sculpting foam a try. As spectacular as these flowers look, the techniques to create them are really simple.

Before I sign off I thought you might like to see another image using the same die to create a wildflower make. Isn't it amazing how you can create two very different looks using the same die just by tweeking the techniques and colours? That's the endless joy that is Sculpting foam.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon.