Quilling is a really intricate craft that produces some amazingly delicate projects!

Whether you’re a quilling expert or looking to try something new, we’ve got together some fun quilling projects that anyone can try. All you need is lots of colourful paper, glue and a Quilling tool to help with the spiralling process.

Quilling is one of our favourite makes to do to un-wind, as it takes a steady hand and quite a bit of concentration. If you’re looking to relax after a stressful day, why not try your hand at some of these projects:


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Unicorns have become so popular, and we can see why! These cute quilled wall hangings are what anyone’s unicorn dreams are made of.

Name Wall Hangings

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Looking for the perfect decoration for your little one’s room? Creating your own wall hanging is a great way to personalise it! Plus, they look amazing when made with quilling!


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There are so many possibilities for card designs! Why not try adding some quilling designs to create a more 3-D effect.


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Creating animal designs using quilling creates some really impressive results! Here’s some intricate ideas to try your hand at:


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Everybody loves Disney don’t they? Well we definitely do and we can’t wait to have a go at quilling some of our favourite Disney characters.

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