Summer crafts for kids: Make Sponge Stamps

Hello, everyone! This is Anna with a new project: Crafts for kids Make Sponge Stamps.

Today I show you a way to make a set of custom homemade stamps for your kids, using a sponge and a Sizzix Bigz die.

You Will Need:

It's Summer break for most and I thought it would be great to provide you with an activity to keep your kids busy one of these warm afternoons. Summer crafts for kids: Make Sponge Stamps! The activity is going to be nice and cheap.

Most kids love stamping. There's something so fun about dipping a stamp in a puddle of paint!

I thought it would be fun to make them a set of homemade stamps using a sponge. They work great and can be customized.

This craft is appropriate for kids age preschool and up.

Cut out the shape on the sponge using Sizzix Big Shot and your Bigz dies. We used Sizzix Bigz Die - Fir Tree (662585). It's easier if you use a different tree for each color.

We used brown paper as our medium for stamping. Put paint onto a plate. Have kids stamp the trees and the stars. Create your own forest!

If you want, add glitter onto the stars.

The paint impression from the sponges created a very interesting textural effect! A fantastic activity, which we highly recommend you try at your place!

Summer crafts for kids: Make Sponge Stamps