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The Humble Christmas tree is such a versatile icon for any maker because basically, its just a triangle! The Winter Trees set has so many different elements that it would take forever to fully explore its creative potential. I've taken the simplest of the dies and combined it with some Distress Inks to make some very simple basic graphic statements using the colours to add the WOW! factor.

There are so many ways to apply Distress Inks to card and one of my favourites is to literally drag the ink pad directly across the cardstock leaving patches of white showing through. I did this with three colours, Crushed Olive, Broken China and Cracked Pistachio. Next, I applied a little white gesso to corrugated card using a brayer before trimming and tearing it to size. for the sentiments I typed the words and changed the text colour to white before changing the background colour to black. After printing the sentiments I trimmed them to size with scissors.

To create the card backgrounds I used a couple of techniques. For the first, I pressed the Crushed Olive ink pad directly onto the craft mat before spritzing with clean water and flicked the ink onto the card using my fingertips. For the second I applied Crushed Olive and Broken China Distress Ink to the stamp and flicked a little watered down ink onto the card after stamping.


Here are the two cards colours!


Time for some more cards! I created the backgrounds by blending two shades of Distress Ink together. I started by applying the ink directly onto the craft mat before spritzing with clean water, next, i placed the card face-down into the ink. After leaving it to dry I used the same technique to apply a second colour.

It's worthwhile to play around with this technique to achieve different effects, you can...

  • vary the amount of water spritzed onto the craft mat.
  • Drag the card through the ink rather than dip.
  • Apply the second colour before the first has dried.
  • Don't be afraid to blend unusual colour combos, you may surprise yourself!

It is best to leave the backgrounds to dry naturally before choosing interesting areas to die-cut your trees.


I have combined plain white base cards with a simple sans serif font (Source Sans Pro) and let the colour combos do the talking leaving me time to sit back and enjoy some mulled wine!

More Festive fun on the way.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon