Bullet journaling is a planner system that allows you to log your past and plan your future. Particularly popular amongst creative people, many find it a therapeutic hobby that allows you to express your imagination whilst allowing you to reflect and organise your day-to-day life to optimise productivity!


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling

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Bullet Journaling Must-Haves

The more creative and imaginative your bullet journal is, the better! In order to create a bullet journal to be proud of, it's helpful to have a host of making essentials to hand. Here is a list of our top must-have items to get started:

  1. A Journal- grab any blank notebook! Dotted or gridded notebooks tend to be helpful to create a flexible planner of to-do lists, tracking, sketching and more!
  2. Sizzix Permanent Pens (663056) - This vibrant 12 pack of assorted coloured pens are essential to creating bright and imaginative designs.
  3. Ruler- For a clean-cut finish, you're going to need a ruler!
  4. Sizzix Washi Tape (663054) - Sizzix washi tape comes in a 5 pack of assorted patterns, all 5m in length. Decorate pages, use to tape in pictures, create flags and bookmarks, and even use as a pretty corrector to cover mistakes!


What to Track


Calendar-A monthly calendar is always a good place to start! This allows you to create a new design for the month as well as have a clear overview and even set yourself goals for the month ahead.

A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling



Track Sleep - Keeping a sleep log can help you get into a healthy routine through creating ideal time frames and track when you actually are getting rest.


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling



Mood - Bullet journaling is all about self-care, so noting down your moods can help reflect on your days, enabling you to pinpoint the causes of your mood whether it be good or bad!


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling



Fitness Routine/Steps - Is improved fitness part of your 2019 resolution? Tracking your activity will help you to achieve your goals and motivate you to increase your activity levels.


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling



Making Projects - Here's one for all you makers! Sketch out your designs, make shopping lists of materials and accessories, and schedule time to make your projects!


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling

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Bucket List - Have a bucket list for this summer? Scribble all your wishes and hopes down in your journal to see how accomplished you can be!


A Simple Guide to Bullet Journaling



Other ideas include tracking your savings, meal planning, water intake and any other daily habit or activities you would like to document!


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