The title is a popular idiom in the English language, the meaning of which is lost to me, however when a good friend becomes engaged at this time then it forms the basis for a blog.Before we spend the year showcasing  our new die collections which are many and varied, I want to go right back to basics and visit some old friends. Anyone who regularly reads this blog will know that I am rather fond of my Framelits circles, in fact I have placed every circle from every die set I own in one place so that I have just about every size imaginable at my fingertips.

I wanted to create a very simple card using very few elements so I started with the ring. I die-cut an aperture in a piece of gold card before placing a slightly larger circle die over the aperture so that it fits perfectly as in the third picture.

I know what you are thinking..... ' by the time I put this onto my cutting plate and then on my platform and then place my other cutting plate over the top and then run it through my machine, the die will have shifted and I wont get an accurate cut!'

This is a problem that we have all encountered at some point when we need to produce a really accurate cut. It could be that we want to crop a photograph or a stamped image or maybe we only have one small scrap of card over which the die only just fits only to find that either die or paper have shifted going through the machine.

Fear not my friends, help is on the way in the shape of the Sizzix magnetic platform for wafer thin dies which keeps the die/card exactly where you want it. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. Once my ring is die-cut I printed the sentiment onto kraft card and trimmed it to size before attaching the die-cut ring, a bow made from thin satin ribbon and a large adhesive gemstone.

I attached the assembled ring over a piece of patterned pink card onto a simple ivory base card using a stapler. It's quite simple and understated which is what I like especially as I am creating a series of over-the-top show stopping projects for our upcoming trade fairs.

Hope you like it?