New Year resolutions can be hard to stick to, especially when they involve cutting back on the things we like (practically all the good stuff!). This year we’re making some resolutions we know we can stick to! This year’s resolutions are going to help with all of our making goals, ensuring we’ve got plenty of time for making in 2018.

If you’re looking to set some making resolutions to help with all your making goals this year, take a look at a few resolutions we’re going to try and stick to this year.

Here’s a few resolutions for 2018:

Learn something new!

Why not try out a new technique in 2018. There’s lots of amazing crafts out there from quilting, upcycling, felting and making your own clothes. Why not try something completely different this year?

Challenge yourself

If your intimidated by certain techniques and styles, but would love to actually be able to do it, why not give it a go? 2018 is definitely the year for challenging ourselves!

Craft for charity

Using your making skills to help a charity is a lovely thing to do. We can’t wait to get making in aid of charity in 2018.

Actually use up those supplies that have been in the draw for ages!

Don’t worry, we’re all culprits for hoarding making supplies. You can never seem to have enough materials, embellishments and glitter! This year, we’re going to try and use up our stashes before buying more.

Be more organised with supplies

Ever found stashes of supplies in the most random of places? Us too! This year were going to try and keep an organised craft room so we can see exactly what supplies we’ve got.

Our personal favourite … make more!

This one’s simple, do more of what you love! It’s proven to be beneficial for our mental wellbeing, so let’s make a pact to craft as much as possible in 2018.

We’d love to hear about your crafty resolutions for 2018! What are you going to try out this year? Let us know through social media on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Pinterest!