You Will Need

After a week working from home, my Daughter Poppy was desperate to make something with my machine and dies. I told her that we would have to wait for the weekend. Saturday arrived and she announced that she wanted to make a rainbow for her bedroom window like many children around the UK are doing as we speak. The rainbow is a sign of hope, a symbol of new beginnings after weathering the storm, in short, the perfect symbol for the current situation we all find ourselves in!

I don't have access to all my usual supplies so I had to get a little creative but we settled on the Hearts, Primitive Bigz die which is an old friend, then we fashioned a compass from... I'm getting ahead of myself, Take it away Poppy...

We used tape to join four A4 pieces of white card together before making a compass using the pencil, twine and pin to roughly map out the semi-circles which will help with the placement of our die-cuts. After cropping the rainbow base to size using the craft knife head from my Sizzix multi-tool, Poppy chose the colours we were to use. We decided to go with just four colours.

After trimming the Sizzix card down to a more manageable size, Poppy die-cut six at a time. It wasn't long before we had more than enough to work with. To Make the hearts stand out better, we wanted to create a little dimension, Poppy curled each individual heart using a pencil.

Once we had our pile of curled hearts we started to attach them to the white rainbow base using Sizzix Express Glue.

So far, so good...

After the red hearts we started to apply a little more team work. I did the cutting, Poppy did the curling and sticking.

It Took us a little longer than anticipated but we didn't care because we got to work/play together and Poppy was really pleased with the end result

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon