Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

Despite everything going on at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying all of the rainbow themed makes all across my social media right now. They are constantly bringing joy and happiness to our homes purely through the power of crafting and colour.

To carry on the rainbow theme, I have a super simple Home Decor piece that will hopefully bring a bit of positivity and sparkle to your home.

You Will Need...

  1. Cut the cardstock and adhesive sheets to the size of the letters on the Chunky Alphabet die and adhere the adhesive sheets to the front of the cardstock.

2. From the prepped cardstock pieces, die-cut all the necessary letters from the Chunky Alphabet die. You can die-cut the phrases I have chosen or change it up and make it personal to you.

3. Once you have all your die-cut letters, peel away the release sheet on top of the letter, place it into the funnel tray and cover the letter with the corresponding glitter colour. Here I have used the Hibiscus glitter on top of the Hibiscus cardstock.

4. Using your curved tweezers, gently pick up the letters and shake off the excess glitter. Empty all the leftover glitter in the funnel tray back into the glitter pot.

5. Once you have all your letters covered in the correct coloured glitter, you can start to arrange and adhere the letters to your white background using express glue.

Once you are happy with the layout, you could definitely display this in a frame, on a pin board or on a wall. It makes a fantastic home decor piece, not just right now when we need all the positive thoughts we can get but all year round.

The glitter is so pretty how it catches the light, with our full glitter and cardstock colour story you could change up the colours to suit your home if rainbows aren't quite your thing.

Stay positive, stay safe and keep crafting! :)