Paper bags are banned in most stores, and for a good cause! We must focus on reusable bags, and why not customise a pretty tote bag to go with your outfit? I used the Sizzix Big Shot machine to cut pretty flowers in felt to decorate my tote bag.

Required materials:

- Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting machine

- 2 cutting plates

- Dies in the patterns of your choice

- Felt

- Iron-on sheets

- A pair of scissors

- An iron

- A tote bag



To start, cut out a piece of heat-resistant sheet that is the size of your felt sheet. Glue the fusible paper with your iron. Be careful to put the shiny side that contains the glue to the felt.

Then cut your felt to the size of your cutting plate so that it can fit correctly into your Big Shot machine. Choose the die with the pattern of your choice. Make a "sandwich" like this: A cutting board, your die, the felt and to finish a new cutting board.


Place everything in your Big Shot machine and turn the crank to cut your shape. I chose to cut pretty botanical shapes, the cut is perfect!

Choose the other shapes you want to cut and do the same. I made a small sketch in pencil on a sheet to have my visual under the eyes.

Place your small shapes on your tote bag to form your drawing. Do not forget to remove the white film, otherwise you will not be able to paste your shape!

Gently iron the design with your iron. If you are afraid that some parts of your design will move, you can proceed in stages and stick shape by shapes!

The result is perfect!

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