Everybody loves a good pom pom, whether you’re upcycling an old pillow or adding a bobble to your woolly hat. With our new Sizzix Pom Pom Maker Set, you will be able to make a perfect pom pom in minutes! This clever little tool is really easy to use no matter your making experience, and it’s available in four different colours and sizes, so you can make a different pom pom for each crafty occasion! Here’s some new and interesting ways to use pom poms:

Pom Pom Rug

Treat your feet and create a fun Pom Pom rug! All you need is a non-slip mat and your favourite Pom Poms. Why not add rope and create your own intricate design? Here are a few ideas:

Etsy, Buzzfeed, The WHOot, Homesthetics

Cake Topper

It turns out cake and pom poms are a match made in heaven! We can’t wait to try out these kitsch cake ideas and we think you should too!

Pinterest, onefabday, 100layercake, thesprucecrafts

Pom Pom Headband

Move over flower crowns, pom pom headbands are the new must-have. Are you going to a festival and want to stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you’re hosting a kids party and you want to make them something to remember? We’ve got you covered with these pom pom headband ideas! Why not combine the pom poms with flowers or tinsel for something extra special?

Etsy, sistersuitcaseblog, brit.co, Etsy

Pom Pom Seat Covers

Here’s a particularly unusual yet fabulous way to use Pom Poms – and they look super comfy too!

hellogiggles, décor detail, myk-berlin, mesewcrazy

Pom Pom Wreath

We love the idea of a pom pom wreath as it is so versatile - wreaths are no longer reserved just for Christmas time and can be enjoyed all year long!

molliemakes, leisurearts, ideenwerk.tagesstaette

Get your Sizzix Pom Pom Maker Set here.

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