Holiday time!

Passports… dull, brown and all round ugly. I wanted to jazz my passport up so I decided to make a simple cover I can slot my passport into. This way I can keep my passport clean and it won’t bend when in my bag.

I want my passport cover to be bright, summery but still be trendy. The materials I’ve decided to use is an orange leather material (fake leather) and a navy polka dot material. Orange and Navy complement each other really well. For the stitching I’ve used a white thread.


  • Hot glue gun 662301
  • Big shot 660200
  • sculpting tool 662225
  • scissors 662225
  • Cacti Die 661700
  • corner punch
  • pencil
  • ruler


  • Orange leather material (A4 size)
  • Navy polka dot material (A5 size)
  • Gold thread

Step by step

  • Cut material pieces- Orange leather piece 21.2cm by 14.8cm, Navy blue polka dot piece 21.2cm by 14.8cm, bondaweb paper 21.2cm by 14.8cm, Orange leather inside pockets x2 14.8cm by 5.8cm.
  • Iron on bondaweb onto the navy polka dot material, then peel off (make sure it’s cool before you peel the bondaweb off).
  • Once you have peeled off the bondaweb from the navy polka dot material place on top of the orange leather piece and iron on.
  • When you have ironed the two pieces together, place the two-orange leather pieces of material on the Navy polka dot side (place them either side)
  • Using your corner punch, punch the edges of every corner, this give a clean look to your passport cover
  • With your sculpting tool and ruler, poke a small hole every 0.5cm (this is to make it easier when treading the tread through).
  • Sew together using a running stick with your needle and thread.
  • Finally Die cut your cactus. Then using your glue gun, glue down onto the front in the right corner.