Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, a handmade gift, or décor for an event, paper engineering offers unlimited ideas! The use of paper is no longer limited to origami or traditional papercraft, with paper engineering creating impressive and contemporary 3D art pieces for you and your home. We’ve put together some of our favourite highlights paper engineering has to offer, so whether you prefer pretty patterns or bold block colours, we’ve got the perfect make for you!


Wall Art

Wall art can completely transform a room, adding a creative flair to your home. These 3D creations can vary from framed art to a feature wall display, allowing you to create home décor on a budget and best of all, fun to make!

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Animal Wall Mounts 

Paper engineered animal wall mounts are a modern take on traditional country décor. Designs can vary from stunning living room centrepieces, to a magical addition to a child’s bedroom wall!

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If you’re new to paper engineering and are after a beginner-friendly project, why not try your hand at quilling? A really simple and effective way of crafting with paper and card. Playing with different weights and textures will allow you to curl your way to stunning results, as seen in some of these examples below.

Etsy, Pinterest


Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are great fun to make and are perfect additions to home décor, for displays or even to give a personal touch as a gift. There are so many types of flowers that you can make, from daisies to carnations, and even last longer than the real thing! Make framed flower art, bouquets and floral displays, all with our range of dies that make paper flowers effortless.

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