The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get making with the little ones! All the excitement of the festive season can leave them itching for things to do. Keep them entertained with Christmas crafting to create lots of fun, festive makes!

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to create with your little ones this year the take a look at some of our favourite festive makes for kids (including our new Sizzix Kids Christmas Downloads!).

Kids Christmas Downloads

We’ve created some downloadable templates to keep the kids entertained. Once cut out, all they need to do is colour in and add plenty of glitter!

Bauble Decorating

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It’s amazing what you can do with clear Christmas Baubles! Let your little ones loose with glue to create their very own Christmas tree decorations this year.

Tea Light Characters

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This cute idea is great for crafting with kids! They are super simple to create and personalise.

DIY Christmas Trees

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Here’s a couple of ideas for creating miniature Christmas trees! They are great for quick makes.

Lollipop Stick Creations

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Turns out lollipop sticks are handy to collect! Why not try creating these Lollipop Angels this Christmas.

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