Here is the finished notebook and pen pouch - I've been using it for a few days.

I'm pleased with the overall pouch but if I'm honest I do think the pen pocket detracts from the look of the front, I much prefer the back.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed  about removing it but having the pen easily accessible without having to open the pouch or remove the notebook was a main objective at the start.

I love the hexagon detail but then I have become obsessed with hexies lately (Hexagons, 3/4in Sides was used for the papers and Hexagons, 1in Sides #2 for the fabric for this).
I didn't think too much about the quilting beforehand and just went for it, starting around the outer edge of the hexies and then working outwards. It looks a bit like the sort of graphics used on the title sequence of an 80's computer film.

Whilst the fabrics used for the exterior are quite muted, to give it a pop of colour the lining is hot pink.

Lastly, the pouch can be closed by means of a loop and button fastening - the ideal fastening method for an impatient sewist! There is no need to go out and buy a zip and it's so much faster and easier than a zip to install too. It avoids the need for a proper buttonhole which can be a little daunting and it's also perfect if, for example, you still haven't taken time to read about how to do buttonholes on your new sewing machine *ahem*.

I love quick quilty projects like this and it can be easily adapted to hold other items. The only real thing to bear in mind when working out the size of the front/back pieces is to measure the item that pouch is to hold (including depth around side) and along with the seam allowance a bit extra needs to be allowed to account for the thickness of the batting and the 'shrinking effect' of quilting.

I'm not sure what I can make next as my fabric stash is running very low at the moment, a spot of fabric sale shopping is in order...