We love fabric because it comes in so many beautiful colours, patterns and textures! But if the thought of needles, thread or a sewing machines makes you nervous, then there are many other ways to get crafty with fabric that don't require sewing at all!


Use Iron-On Adhesives

When it comes to fabric, the iron is definitely your best friend, especially when partnered with a little iron-on adhesive! Fusible tapes and webbing come in a range of sizes, and their sole purpose is to hold two pieces of fabric together. Whether you want to add a quick applique to a t-shirt or tote, or tackle home décor items like pillows and curtains, a little iron-on adhesive goes a long way.


No-Sew Fabric Makes

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Glue Your Makes

Glue is another popular choice for no-sew fabric projects, with dozens of options depending on what you are going to make. Fabric glue is specially formulated to make a strong but flexible bond between two pieces of fabric, perfect for items like purses or pillows.


No-Sew Fabric Makes

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Or you can use a standard, clear-drying PVA, decoupage medium or spray adhesives to stick fabric to just about anything. What a great way to upcycle tired or ordinary accessories and household items!


No-Sew Fabric Makes



Glue Gun Accessories

Let's not forget the power of hot glue! There's no quicker way to stick fabric together, which means you can have a new accessory or decoration in no time at all.


No-Sew Fabric Makes




Staple Gun Projects

If you like your DIY heavy-duty, you can't go wrong with a staple gun! Beautiful fabrics can become vibrant wall art with just a few well-placed staples. Even big projects like upholstery are easier than you might think when you have the right tools.


No-Sew Fabric Makes

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Are you inspired to try your own no-sew fabric makes? Why not try our new Iron-on Adhesive Sheets -they're the perfect partner for die-cut fabric appliqués. Be sure to use #mymakingstory to share your creations with us across social media!


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