The brand new Sizzix Effectz range is here! We have been so excited to show you this new product launch at Sizzix, we love the range and know you will too! Add the Effectz range to your crafting collection and have a creative refresh using the new Effectz range!

This range is suitable for all making types, from scrapbooking to home décor, include the Effectz range in all of your making projects!

These products have never been stocked on Sizzix before, they will be so popular! Read this blog for an insight in to some of the amazing products from the Effectz range!

The new Effectz range is perfect for all projects, the new range includes Gesso Primer, Decorative Foil Sheets, Luster Wax and much more!

Gesso Primer

The brand new Gesso Primer is a perfect staple product for any crafter! Use the Gesso Primer to prepare your surfacez! Fill the gap in your craft box and get amazing results with the new Gesso Primer

Sizzix Effectz Gesso Primer

Decorative Foil Sheets

Add shimmer to your makes using the Sizzix Effectz decorative foil sheets! These are perfect for all year round. Get the full range of colors for every make, silver, gold and rose gold! Take your designs to the next level using the Decorative foil sheets.

Foil Sheets

3-D Adhesive

Use the decorative foil sheets with 3D adhesive! For the best results, put the adhesive in the place you want the foil to be, lay the foil on top, leave for a few seconds and then pull off and the foil will be in place.

3-D Adhesive

Decorative Metallic Flakes

Make your crafts have the luxurious look and feel using the decorative metallic flakes! As a part of the Effectz range the metallic flakes are perfect for adding shimmer and style to your crafts!

Sizzix Effectz Decorative Metallic Flakes

Luster Wax

The Sizzix Luster Wax is ideal to add texture to your makes! Add the Luster wax to your crafting collection to make sure you can cover all your crafting needs!

Luster Wax Effectz

We hope you have loved this insight into the range, please share your makes with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory!