Hiya, my name is Charlotte and I am the owner and head designer of Charlotte Jade. At Charlotte Jade we believe in bringing the beauty of the outside world inside with our hand drawn, unique patterns inspired by our nature. We print our designs onto an array of interiors such as, wallpaper, cushions, textiles and ceramic tiles.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Sizzix, to create a personalised tote bag, so easy to do with using their amazing Big Shot Plus machine and the Sizzix cutting Dies. I wanted to create a personalised tote bag as I’m always carrying lots of samples and portfolios around to various meetings all over the country, so I thought it would be ideal to have my very own personalised bag, using my own fabrics…

So here’s how I created my bag…

  1. Firstly, I bought a plain white tote bag and chose a selection of my leafy and plant patterns, in various colours that I thought would all worked well together. I chose a variety of fabric types too, as I thought it would bring a bit of diversity to the finished bag. I’ve chosen velvet, linen and twill.



  1. Secondly, after searching through all the amazing Dies that Sizzix has available, I decided on the Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilt Die, which is a selection of geometric shapes. ( I love a Geo!!) As my patterns are quite bold themselves, I thought using a simple shape would be really effective when creating the tote bag, as it would demonstrate the amazing Sizzix tools but also not be too overpowering with the Charlotte Jade bold patterns. I decided to use the Die to cut individual triangles from my fabrics, where these would then form my overall design.


  1. I then mapped out a rough idea for my tote bag design on photoshop, seeing how the shapes and patterns worked together. I found this really helpful when trying to visualise how the finished bag may look. You don’t have to do this digitally though, you could just do a rough sketch for example.


  1. From here, I started using the Bigshot Plus machine – by placing my material on top of the Die, sandwiched by the cutting mats, I began cutting out my shapes. ( read instructions on Bigshot Plus machine for a more in depth instruction)

  1. Once I had cut all my shapes out, I arranged these on the tote bag how I wanted the final image to look.

  1. Before sticking, I placed some protective card board inside the bag to stop it sticking together

  1. Then, I was ready to start sticking my triangles down to create my bag. To do this I used strong fabric glue and an old paint brush to paint to paint the glue onto the back of the triangles.

  1. Once they were all stuck down, I then had to wait for the glue to dry (read your glue instructions to know how long this takes) The glue I used took around an hour to fully dry, but this will vary between glue brands, so always double check.
  2. And, once it was dry, my personalised bag was good to go…

The Sizzix Bigshot and Dies were so easy to use and the possibilities are endless with what you can create! I absolutely loved using the Sizzix machine as it allows you to be really creative and personalise just about anything you can think of!

For more information about Charlotte Jade, visit website.