Christmas is almost here, but it's not too late to hand sew some last minute hexagon Christmas ornaments. Not only will they look gorgeous on your tree, but they'd make beautiful hanging gift tags too. I'm Lauren from Molly and Mama sharing how to make these English paper pieced pretties just in time for the big day!

Hexagon Christmas Ornaments by Molly and Mama

You Will Need:


To Make the Wreath Ornament

1. Using your Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine and your Sizzix Bigz Die - Hexagons, 1 1/2" Sides, cut twelve 1.5" hexagons from your fabric. Then cut twelve 1" hexagon papers using plain paper and your Sizzix Bigz Die - Hexagons, 1" Sides #2. The Sizzix system makes creating hexagons for English paper piecing so easy!

2. Using the glue pen, run a small amount of glue along the edge of one side of one hexagon paper (being careful not to use too much glue). Fold the fabric over firmly and press it down to secure it. Repeat this process to fold over all six sides of the fabric. Be especially careful to keep the fabric folded firmly near the points or corners.

Continue until you have made all twelve hexagons. If you'd like to see step-by-step photos and more details about this process, you can check out the 'How To Sew Hexies' tutorial on the Molly and Mama blog.

Make twelve hexagons

3. Arrange six of the hexagons into a wreath shape. Identify the seams to be joined to make the wreath shape. Select two of the hexagons and hold them right sides together, being sure to line up the edges and corners of the side you wish to sew.

4. Thread your needle with a single strand of fine bobbin thread and knot one end. Use very fine and small whip-stitches to sew the two sides of the hexagons together, starting at one corner and stitching along the edge to the next corner. As you stitch, catch 2 - 3 threads from the folded edge of both pieces of fabric, being careful not to stitch through the actual paper. Small, closely spaced stitches sewn straight across the fabric top are best.

When one edge is sewn, secure your sewing with a couple of stitches repeated in the same place, at the end of your hexagon side. This keeps the stitches tight and the seams (for each side of the hexagon) neatly intact. Trim the end of your thread.

5. Continue to stitch the six sides required to form the wreath shape.

6. Repeat this process to stitch a second wreath shape. It's important to note here, that when working on English paper piecing, this is the stage where you would then remove the hexagon papers. However, for this ornament, the papers are left intact. This gives the ornament stability.

7. Pin or clip both wreath shapes together with wrong sides facing. Use fine small whip stitches to sew around the inside centre of the wreath and secure the two wreaths together. Hide any knots and trimmed thread inside the wreath.

Join six hexagons

8. Use the same process to sew around the outside of the wreath. Start along the top outside straight edge of one hexagon. Sew all the way around the perimeter to the straight outside edge of the sixth hexagon. There will be a small gap left along two sides.

9. Fold a narrow length of ribbon in half to form a loop at your desired length. Place the ends of the loop into the gap along the seam line.

Add a hanging loop

10. Continue to sew the outside edges of the wreath closed, being sure to catch the ribbon loop in the seam as you go.

Molly and Mama hexagon ornament

11. Make a small bow, trim the bow ends and then heat seal them to prevent fraying (if you wish). Sew the bow to the front of the wreath, just below the hanging loop. Your wreath ornament is all ready for hanging!

Add jingly bells, pretty buttons or other details to give your ornament its own personality!

To Make the Single Hexagon Ornament

These smaller decorations are super quick to make and would look lovely adorning a mini Christmas tree on your table. You could even personalise them with an embroidered monogram on one side, for a unique and special gift tag.

1. Cut two 1.5" fabric hexagons and two 1" hexagon papers.

2. Glue baste the hexagon fabric to the papers.

3. Place the hexagons back to back with wrong sides facing. Pin or clip together.

4. Make a loop with a length of narrow ribbon. Insert the ribbon loop between the hexagons, so that the loop is centred over the top point of the hexagons, and the tails hang down though the bottom point.

5. Using a single strand of fine bobbin thread on a fine needle, whip-stitch the two hexagons together by stitching around the outside. Catch the ribbon tails and hanging loop with your stitching to secure them in the seam.

6. Tie a small bow and sew it to the front of the ornament. Trim the bow ends and the ribbon tails (and heat seal to prevent fraying if you wish). You're all done!

Two hexagon ornaments by Molly and Mama

Thanks for sewing along. Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate the holiday) and a lovely festive season. We'll be enjoying the Summer sun by the pool with family and loved ones!

Happy stitching, Lauren x

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