It's Lauren from Molly and Mama returning with a super simple no-sew Christmas tutorial!

Pastel Felt Christmas tags by Molly and Mama

Use your left over felt scraps to make Christmas gift tags, place settings or tree ornaments.

You Will Need

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 1


1. Select felt colours for your rectangular tag shapes and roughly cut them to size so they fit around the outline on the die. You will need a front and a back for each tag.

2.  Cut a piece of vliesofix the same size as the felt for the tag.

3. Iron the vliesofix onto one side of one piece of felt.  (Cover your felt with a press cloth or scrap of fabric when you iron it on, so you protect the felt from heat damage.)

4. Using the tags die, cut two of the same felt tag pieces - one with vliesofix, one without. Put these pieces aside.

5. Select a design (from the Christmas shapes die) to decorate the front of the tag, then choose coordinating felt. I used glitter felt for some extra sparkle! You might like to use the Christmas tree design, stocking or bauble (the snowflake is too large - but I have a project in mind for that one next time!). Again, secure vliesofix to the back of the glitter felt before cutting out your design on the Big Shot plus. Then peel off the backing paper.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 2

5. Position the design on the felt tag that doesn't have the vliesofix backing. Cover with a press cloth and iron the design onto the felt.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 3

6. Peel the backing paper off the other felt tag piece.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 4

7. Place the two felt tags together so that the vliesofix adhesive is between the two layers of felt. Press again to fuse the two pieces together.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 5

8. Add a ribbon to the top of the tag. Fold it in half and feed the loop through the tag hole.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 6

9. Fold the ribbon tails into the loop and pull gently. Trim the ends and heat seal them if you wish.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 7

10. The tag is ready to be used for a place setting, a gift tag or a hanging ornament.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 12

More Ideas

Make a bunch of tags in different colours to match your Christmas decor or your gift wrapping. These pink and green tree tags match perfectly with the Hex Star Quilted Placemat I made last time.

Christmas felt tags by Molly and Mama - 10

For an extra special touch, you can personalise your tags with embroidery, simple sewn details or stitched initials or monograms. Just sew the details on before you add the backing felt to the tag.

These felt tags are so special. Paper tags are lovely, but you can reuse these beautiful tags again and again. They're well worth the effort!

Make felt Christmas gift tags - Molly and Mama

What have you been making for Christmas? There are so many pages of inspiration here on the Sizzix Blog, you're sure to find something you just love.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

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