What a cold week! - I hope you're all wrapped up warm and cosy. Last year I went on holiday to Norway - and it was very cold - but the Norwegians have a saying - there is no such thing as bad weather - just the wrong clothing - so with that in mind I've found some of my beautiful welsh wool fabrics.
Now I know a bag won't keep you warm - but it made me feel warm making it ( and I still have quite a bit left so it may become a winter lap quilt!)
Little Welsh Bag
I know it doesn't have any handles at the moment - but I'm trying to find some that I really like.
Now this bag is so easy it only takes a couple of hours to make - and can easily be made in different sizes - just by changing the size of the squares used.
For this bag I used the 4" finished square  https://www.sizzix.co.uk/product/657609/sizzix-bigz-die-square-4-finished-4-1-2-unfinished along with the Big Shot Machine and I cut 17 squares in a mixture of colours -
Little Welsh Bag
I laid them out in 5 rows ready for stitching together -
Little Welsh Bag
I pressed the seams flat open to reduce bulk, and then joined the rows together.
As the wool fabric can stretch a bit I decided to use an interfacing for strength ( you could use a wadding but that will add bulk to the bag) so I used the stitched shape as a template to cut the interfacing, and then cut the lining as well.
Little Welsh Bag
Pin the interfacing to the wrong side of the bag, and quilt to keep the layers together ( I stitched in the ditch) and then join the 'v's together -
Little Welsh Bag
 pin the first 'v' matching points A together, and then stitch from A to B, and then match point AC to C and stitch to D
Little Welsh Bag
Here's a photo so show you how that should look -
Little Welsh Bag

<div[[:space:]]class="separator" style="clear: both; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; text-align: left;"> Repeat with the other side of the bag, and then repeat with the bag lining.

Next join the side seams - but only half way ( which is where there is a seam to make it easy)
Little Welsh Bag

<div[[:space:]]class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: left;">

Repeat with the lining.
Turn the bag right side out, and put inside the lining ( which is wrong side out). Pin the edges together and stitch, leaving an opening to turn the bag right side out. Stitch carefully and then snip the seams at the 'v' at the middle front and back of the bag.
Turn the bag right side out and then slip stitch the open edges together.
Now all that remains is to attach straps - you can make straps from matching fabric, or you can buy ready made straps - which is the way I have decided to finish my bag - but I haven't found what I want yet - but hope to have them ready to show you next week.
By the way I found my welsh wool fabric because I tidied my sewing room - it's not quite ready to show off  - but almost everything now has a place and I can walk right across the room, and use my empty table for sewing!!! - now that is a win for me.
As ever it's time for a cup of tea, and then I might just see if I have enough wool left to make a little lap quilt.
Bye for now.
 Little Welsh Bag