Having a dinner party and want to make your table setting that little more extra. I have created these paper craft napkin rings that will complement any dining table. Using a mixture of spring colours and polka dot, this is the perfect combination to make your décor pop.

What will you need:

How to:

  1. Cut out all x5 poppy elements and leaves. You will only need the smaller petals not the bigger ones off of the die. In total you will need x15 petal.
  2. Using the paper sculpting kit, sculpt the petals. Glue together to create the poppy shape. Sculp in the inners and glue into the centre of the poppies.
  3. Fold leaves in half and glue at the back of the poppy.
  4. Cut x3 strips of white card 8cm by 3cm.
  5. With the Sizzix dark grey pen begin to add polka dots.
  6. Fold the polka dot strips to create a ring and glue to secure.
  7. Glue the poppy on top of the ring.
  8. Finally place the napkins inside.